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Birthday Party Candles

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From the Hello Kitty Party Supply Collection. Hello Kitty Mold...

Price: $1.73
Hello Kitty Birthday Cake Candle
The Smurfs Party Cake Candle
From the Smurfs Party Supply Collection. Smurfs Party Cake Candle. Add a nice decorative touch to the party cak...
Star Wars Darth Vader Party Candle Holder
From the Star Wars Party Supply Collection. Star Wars Darth Vader Party Candle Holder. Add a decorative cake to...

What were your favorite birthday candles as a kid?

How about the party candles shaped like big numbers reflecting your age?  Those birthday party candles were a great way to show off how old you were to everyone.  You could also choose to keep the remnants of the candle as a reminder.

Super Mario Party Candle
Batman Molded Candle
Wilton Monster High Candle
Wilton Spider-Man Ultimate Candle
Disney Princess Birthday Sound Candle
Disney Fairies Birthday Sound Candle
Dora the Explorer Birthday Sound Candle
SpongeBob SquarePants Birthday Sound Candle
Spider-Man Birthday Sound Candle
Barbie Birthday Sound Candle
Happy Birthday Molded Pick Candle Set
Scooby-Doo Mod Mystery Party Candle
Wilton Fiesta 4 Piece Candle Set
Wilton Firefighting 4 Piece Candle Set
Wilton Farm 4 Piece Candle Set
Wilton Baby Things 4 Piece Candle Set
Wilton Beach Sandals 6 Piece Candle Set
Sesame Street 1st Birthday Molded Candle Set
Mudslinger Monster Truck Party Candle
Shark Splash Happy Birthday Candle Picks
Ocean Preppy Boy Happy Birthday Pick Candles
Mr. Turtle Molded 1st Birthday Candle
Ladybug Fancy Molded 1st Birthday Candle
Assorted Multi Twist Candles 24 Pack
Spiral Birthday Candles Assorted Neon Colors 20 Pack
Spiral Birthday Candles Assorted Pastel Colors 20 Pack
Assorted Glitter Candles 12 Pack
Assorted Diamond Dot Candles 20 Pack
Assorted Zig Zag Candles 8 Pack
Zig Zag Tri-Color Birthday Candles 8 Pack
Happy Birthday Cake Topper with Candles
Striped Coil Candles 4 Pack
Neon Coil Candles 4 Pack
Cars and Trains Pick Candles 6 Pack
Tall Assorted Print Candles 12 Pack
Tall Assorted Twisted Candles 10 Pack
1st Birthday Balloon Blue Candle
Dora the Explorer Icon Spiral Candles
Barbie Icon Spiral Candles
Disney Princess Icon Spiral Candles
Disney Fairies Icon Spiral Candles
Congratulations Party Candles
Over the Hill Party Candles
Tall Spiral Candles 24 Pack
Party Hat Candles 6 Pack
Assorted Spiral Candles 24 Pack
Patriotic Candles 10 Pack
Hello Kitty Birthday Cake Candle
Toy Story 3 Party Molded Candle
Space Odyssey Printed Candle
Valiant Knight Printed Candle
Strawberry Shortcake Icon Spiral Candles
Sesame Street Cookie Monster Party Molded Candle Age 4
Team Sports Bowling Pic Candles 4 Pack
The Big Day! Birthday Party Taper Candles 10 Pack
Under Construction Molded Candles 6 Pack
Sleepover Molded Candles
Barnyard Bash Molded Candle
Big Top Birthday Party Candle
Black Belt Birthday Printed Candle
Disney Tinkerbell Party Candle
Scooby Doo Party Candle
Numeral Candle 0
Numeral Candle 1
Numeral Candle 2
Numeral Candle 3
Numeral Candle 4
Numeral Candle 5
Numeral Candle 6
Numeral Candle 7
Numeral Candle 8
Numeral Candle 9
Spiral Birthday Candles Assorted Colors 24 Pack
Candles in Holders 20 Pack
Tri-Colored Spiral Candles 24 Pack
Gold Spiral Candles 10 Pack
Silver Spiral Candles 10 Pack
Happy Birthday Letter Candles in Holder
Large Fast Lite Candles Assortment 8 Pack
Spiral Loop Candles 8 Pack
Spiral Birthday Candle Black 24 Pack
Happy Birthday Round Letter Candle
Number 16 Red Glitter Candle
Number 21 Red Glitter Candle
Number 25 Silver Candle
Number 30 Red Glitter Candle
Number 40 Red Glitter Candle
Number 50 Red Glitter Candle
Number 50 Gold Candle
Number 60 Red Glitter Candle
Star Top Candles 4 Pack
Happy Face Pick Candles 6 Pack
Football Pick Candles 6 Pack
Basketball Pick Candles 6 Pack
Soccer Ball Pick Candles 6 Pack
Party Girl Pick Candles 6 Pack
Happy Birthday Girl Pick Candles 14 Pack
Happy Birthday Boy Pick Candles 14 Pack
Birthday Script Candles 24 Pack
Heart Print Candles 12 Pack 3"
Birthday Print Candles 12 Pack 3"
Magic Candle Blue 10 Pack
Magic Candle Multi 10 Pack
Magic Candle Pink 10 Pack
Diamond Dot Magic Candle 10 Pack
1st Birthday Molded Pick Candles
Congratulations Molded Pick Candles
Red and Blue Striped Candles
Blue and Green Striped Candles
Red Striped Candles
Magenta Striped Candles
30th Birthday Spiral Candles 12 Pack
40th Birthday Spiral Candles 12 Pack
50th Birthday Spiral Candles 12 Pack
60th Birthday Spiral Candles 12 Pack
70th Birthday Spiral Candles 12 Pack
30th Birthday Candle Pick
40th Birthday Candle Pick
50th Birthday Candle Pick
60th Birthday Candle Pick
70th Birthday Candle Pick
Numeral 1 Pink Candle
Numeral 1 Blue Candle
Happy Birthday Girl Candle Pick Sets
Happy Birthday Boy Candle Pick Sets
Happy Birthday Brights Candle Pick Sets
Happy Birthday Primaries Candle Pick Sets
Party Candle Pick Sets

What about the magic birthday candles?  You remember the ones – they arrived at the table, atop a cake, appearing innocent and harmless.  Then you tried to blow them out and they sparked and came back to life after every attempt.  I bet the people watching you struggle enjoyed those party candles more than you…but you were probably always up for giving them to someone else, you deviant, you.

Or how about birthday party candles shaped like your favorite character or hobby?  Those combined the best of both worlds: they came in novelty shapes like the big numbers, but you got to blow out more than one.  And they didn’t come back to haunt you (curse you, magic candles!).

Whatever your favorite type of birthday party candles are, PartyProducts.com has a huge selection for everyone that will make any birthday special! We have a huge selection of great birthday candles for your next birthday party or for an occasion where you’re just feeling festive. Save yourself time, money, gas and frustration by buying your party supplies and party candles from PartyProducts.com. We’re your one-stop shop for party candles and supplies for prices up to 25% less than you’ll see in retail stores. When you stock up for your next party, you’ll receive Free Shipping on orders over $75.

Need your supplies last minute? Don’t run to the store! If you order your birthday candles and supplies before 3pm Mountain Time, we’ll ship it the same day. Then we’ll send you an email with the tracking information so you can await the arrival of your party supplies comfortably.

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